Prosperity Zones

Prosperity Zones are semi-autonomous special jurisdictions, run by an operating company, which offers residents the basic services of a state within a defined territory. Residents and businesses pay an expenditure-based amount for those services. Their rights and obligations are laid down in a contract with the operator. Conflicts about its interpretation go to independent arbitration.

These are the world’s most advanced Special Jurisdictions, and we’re building them.


Structuring Prosperity Zones


Tipolis is offering interested parties help in structuring Prosperity Zones which go beyond traditional Special Economic Zones. Above all, getting the legal design right is crucial for success. We have the capacity to implement proven systems based on both common and civil law. Besides the complete regulatory framework, we also offer concepts for security, social issues, education and environmental protection.
Operating Prosperity Zones


Tipolis is prepared to operate Prosperity Zones based on a contract with a host nation, with our own personnel and/or sub-contractors. Effective delivery is key for the successful implementation of a new legal framework. Services includes basic infrastructure, security, firefighters, judges, business development and other administration.

Advising Prosperity Zones


Tipolis provides consulting to parties interested in developing their own Prosperity Zone. This includes chiefly legal advice on how to make a project viable in the country of interest, as well as on how to best structure the operating company’s business model.
Migrant Cities

Migrant Cities

Tipolis is ready to structure and operate of Migrant Cities as a solution to the migration crisis. Migrant Cities are Prosperity Zones for refugees and migrants which grant a reliable legal framework on site, freedom from corruption, and the ability to do business with little to no red tape, providing the institutions for economic development that are often lacking in the developing world.

Who We Are

Tipolis is a consulting agency specialized in the development of Prosperity Zones, the next evolution in Special Economic Zones.

Our international team of experts is the first point of contact for investors and governments that want to bring innovation and development to their country. We will work to make your zone a hub for businesses and a safe haven for the development of new technologies, like Blockchain and City Tech. How? By delivering a corruption-free, efficient and safe 21st century legal framework.

Our company’s legal expertise and know-how of all things urban will grant zones a well-aligned incentive structure and a secured legal position, positioning them to become the world’s next centers of prosperity.

Country Assessments
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Social Impact Investing at its Best

Because Prosperity Zones get a regulatory blank slate, they can import world-class institutions which address the entire institutional framework. This grants improvements in the following fields:



Prosperity Zones provide a proven first world legal system, common-law or else, with independent arbitration and efficient dispute resolution systems. This guarantees contract enforcement and the defense of property rights.



Prosperity Zones provide a duty-free economic environment with low to zero tax, flexible labor rules, and low regulation. Therefore, they allow permissionless innovation and make the country more open to business.



Prosperity Zones run on an Entrepreneurial Governance framework, with a competitive mindset. Due to their liability for errors and their profit incentive, they have high executive efficiency. Moreover, security is guaranteed by contract.



Prosperity Zones uphold the Rule of law by guaranteeing legal certainty based on clear principles and transparency. In addition, their independent legal system provides increased local autonomy.

Clients and Partners

The Seasteading Institute

Startup Societies Foundation

Institute for Competitive Governance

NeWay Capital

Highly Qualified Team


Titus Gebel

Founder and CEO

Titus Gebel is a German entrepreneur with a PhD in international law and an extensive worldwide network. He founded amongst others Frankfurt-listed mining company Deutsche Rohstoff AG, retiring as their CEO in 2014. Now as a private investor, Titus has turned his focus on building value in the creation of new empowered communities.
Reto-Scherraus Fenkart

Reto Scherraus-Fenkart

CPLP & Mercosur Consultant

Reto Scherraus-Fenkart is a Swiss entrepreneur and currently the honorary consul of Switzerland in São Tomé e Príncipe. With over 30 years of experience in the real estate market, he has served as a consultant, partner and founder in several real estate and social ventures.

Francisco Litvay

Operations Manager

Francisco Litvay is the Operations Manager at Tipolis and a Business Informatics student living in Austria. A Startup Societies enthusiast, he’s written several articles for different websites, most notable being the Governance Gauge.

Jan Bertram

Head of Marketing

Jan Bertram is the Head of Marketing at Tipolis. He’s a social scientist with a bachelor’s degree at the University of Cologne. Having already worked at the German Parliament and been a Students for Liberty member, Jan has a keen interest for political theory.

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